Humektant, emolient, antyoksydant – jak działają i co je różni?

Humectant, emollient, antioxidant – how do they work and what is the difference?

Conscious skin care should, first and foremost, be tailored to individual needs. So it is best to choose your products deliberately and know what ingredients and labels you should pay attention to. Here are a few suggestions on how to better understand the needs of your skin and take care of its condition and appearance.

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Oznaki zmęczenia na twarzy – jak z nimi walczyć?

Signs of fatigue on the face - how to fight them?

Gray complexion, dark circles under the eyes and imperfections - these are some of the most visible and recognizable signs of fatigue and lack of sleep. We suggest what to do to make the skin regain its former glow and freshness. The fast pace of life and stress combined with insufficient sleep and rest mean that the body does not have time to regenerate. In addition, our metabolism slows down, and cells cease to be properly nourished. As a consequence, the first signs of fatigue quickly begin to appear on our skin. And so the complexion becomes sallow and paler, which affects not only our appearance, but also our well-being. What's worse, in such moments, the skin is also more exposed to the adverse effects of external factors. The result is imperfections, inflammations and dark circles under the eyes that are difficult to hide. To make matters worse, wrinkles become more visible.

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Filozofia marki – czym kierujemy się w naszej pracy?

Brand philosophy – what do we do in our work?

Bottica is our answer to the needs of modern consumers. We focus on nature, harmony and ingredients obtained from verified and certified crops. Since the beginning, we have been following a few simple rules. Vine cultivation is our passion. We approach each plant with love and the utmost care. Therefore, both in the production of our wine and our cosmetics, we are guided primarily by the concern for nature and our desire to act in harmony with it. To make this possible from the moment the brand was founded, we knew that we could not make any compromises. We have established several basic principles that we follow at every stage of production – we use natural and almost exclusively vegan ingredients; we do not use artificial fertilizers in the family vineyard, where we source a portion of the active substances for our cosmetics; and we rely on sustainable production.

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Dlaczego "Bottica"?

Why "Bottica"?

It started with the vine and a love for nature. First, we established a family vineyard, where we make exceptional wines from carefully selected grapes. Years of experience and work inspired the idea for something more – to share the best in the vine. This is how extraordinary cosmetics were born, which would allow the skin to maintain a youthful appearance and natural glow.

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Jak przedłużyć młodość skóry? Wskazówki i porady

How to prolong the skin's youthful appearance? Tips and tricks

Preventing wrinkles and signs of aging doesn't have to be difficult and troublesome. What's more, we don't necessarily have to use expensive cosmetic procedures. It is enough to stick to simple rules and use appropriate cosmetics. We suggest what to remember during daily care.

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Resweratrol - czym jest i jakie ma właściwości?

Resveratrol - what is it and what are its properties?

Called the elixir of longevity and youth, resveratrol is one of the more eagerly studied ingredients of plant origin with a protective effect. Thanks to it, the grapevine can live up to 120 years! It is therefore not surprising that the properties of resveratrol are successfully harnessed in cosmetics, medicine and pharmacy. So what makes this inconspicuous ingredient have a pro-health effect on our body and why do we value it so much?

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