Signs of fatigue on the face - how to fight them?

Gray complexion, dark circles under the eyes and imperfections - these are some of the most visible and recognizable signs of fatigue and lack of sleep. We suggest what to do to make the skin regain its former glow and freshness.
The fast pace of life and stress combined with insufficient sleep and rest mean that the body does not have time to regenerate. In addition, our metabolism slows down, and cells cease to be properly nourished. As a consequence, the first signs of fatigue quickly begin to appear on our skin. And so the complexion becomes sallow and paler, which affects not only our appearance, but also our well-being. What's worse, in such moments, the skin is also more exposed to the adverse effects of external factors. The result is imperfections, inflammations and dark circles under the eyes that are difficult to hide. To make matters worse, wrinkles become more visible.
Oznaki zmęczenia na twarzy – jak z nimi walczyć?

The first step to getting rid of signs of fatigue

This is when vitamin C is invaluable. This powerful antioxidant easily penetrates the skin and stimulates faster recovery. As a result, the face looks fresh and rested, even after a difficult night. However, even the strongest antioxidant will not help if we do not take care to properly hydrate tired skin. Dehydration makes facial discoloration develop faster and fatigue even more noticeable. So remember your nourishing and moisturizing creams and serums - also in the morning, before applying make-up. Meanwhile, in the evening, it is good to massage your face after cleansing and applying cream. It does not have to be long, just a few minutes every night is enough. We guarantee that you will quickly see a difference.

Drink water!

Proper hydration of the skin is essential. You should also remember to drink water. Otherwise, the effects of dehydration will quickly become noticeable not only on the face. By drinking about 2 liters of fluids a day, we not only care for our skin, but also for our health. It is worth remembering, even when we have a lot on our plate.

Under- eye shadows and swelling – how to get rid of them?

One of the signs of fatigue are dark circles under the eyes and swelling. A perfect solution to this is... ice. This is a simple home remedy which reduces swelling under the eyes and improves skin tone. Just wrap some ice cubes in a clean towel or handkerchief and place in under the eye. As a result, blood vessels will constrict and the swelling will begin to gradually decrease.