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The Bottica philosophy is acting

in harmony with nature. The basis for our

products is the use of superactive ingredients,

which we obtain from meticuluously and attentively cultivated grapevines.

Magdalena Różniak

Heritage of the Earth

In the beginning, there was earth. In the past, it was cared for by Maria and Marianna Bnińska, who received the land from their father. They came up with the idea of planting exotic trees – quinces, peaches, nuts – although at that time they were not widely cultivated in Poland. Few of them have survived to our times, and yet the heritage of this land and the extraordinary history of the women associated with it have allowed us to make plans for the realization of our secret dream. Over the years, we have been observing this land, studying and analyzing the soil. When we decided to establish a vineyard, we knew that the risks were high. The first seedlings appeared in the fog in October 2012 and heralded the birth of a beautiful family passion.

The first seedlings appeared in the fog in October 2012 and heralded the birth of a beautiful family passion

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For years, we carefully cultivated the vines and watched their development closely. We personally tended to the grapevines, pruning and taking care of the shrubs.

The whole family accompanied us to work in the vineyard. We wanted our relatives to be able to share our passion with us and enjoy the fruits of this land.

After two years, in 2014 ,

the long-awaited moment finally arrived:

our first grape picking.

We decided to grow our knowledge of vine cultivation and of wine culture even further during post-graduate studies in Warsaw. During this time we realised that there is another opportunity before us: we started making plans for skincare products drawing their ingredients directly from our vineyard. We wanted them to contain what is unique and best in our grapes. The products we began designing were inspired by the needs of our loved ones.

New chapter

Thanks to our research and development center, which we opened in 2020 near the vineyard, we were able to test the grapes ourselves. We were looking for the most effective way to extract the most valuable ingredients from the fruit, which could then be used in our cosmetics.

The elixir of youth from our crops

From the beginning we were fascinated by resveratrol, which due to its intense anti-aging effect is also called the elixir of youth.

To understand how to most effectively obtain resveratrol from our own grapes, we turned to scientists from the University of Lódź for advice. Together we patented a unique method of obtaining the highest quality raw material.

Sprouting dreams

This is how Bottica was created – from a passion for wine and land, and from affection for our loved ones. As always, we tested the first products together. We wanted them all to be well thought out, efficient and of the highest quality - we spent a lot of time carefully selecting the right ingredients. In our production we use only natural and vegan raw materials, which we obtain from our vines or trusted manufacturers.

We believe that a drop of our cosmetics

gives a sense of closeness to nature.

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