Discover the beauty that stems from the vine

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"Inspired by the unique properties of the grapevine,

I decided to create a brand of effective cosmetics

that would address the needs of every skin."

Magdalena Różniak, owner

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Discover the secrets of our natural ingredients

When composing our cosmetics we spend a lot of time carefully selecting the right ingredients, to create active and unique formulas with proven effectiveness.

Our most valuable ingredient is resveratrol - the elixir of youth - which we obtain from our own crops using a patented extraction method.

We combine it with natural and vegan ingredients to create highly effective cosmetics.

Get to know our laboratory

In our innovative laboratory we combine state-of-the-art technology with expert knowledge of the cultivation and use of grapevines. For a long time we searched for the most effective way to extract the most valuable ingredients that could be used in our cosmetics.

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