Why "Bottica"?

It started with the vine and a love for nature. First, we established a family vineyard, where we make exceptional wines from carefully selected grapes. Years of experience and work inspired the idea for something more – to share the best in the vine. This is how extraordinary cosmetics were born, which would allow the skin to maintain a youthful appearance and natural glow.
Dlaczego "Bottica"?

One of Bottica's first products was an anti-aging instant-activ serum for the face and décolletage. From the start, we knew that the main ingredient had to be one of the strongest antioxidants – resveratrol, which we obtain from plants growing in our family vineyard. Then came the time for a smoothing and plumping daybooster cream, an under-eye serum, and a gentle micellar essence for cleansing the face. This is how a unique premium brand was created, which our founder – Magda Różniak – created for women, whom she wanted to provide with a moment of calmness and relaxation thanks to her products. At the same time, Magda dreamed of a brand of cosmetics that would fully meet the highest expectations: products that are not only simple to use and multifunctional, but that also ensure immediate effects.

However, before Magda's dream could come true, wa needed a name that would embody everything that was most important in the brand – the love for nature, beauty, wine and the joy of life. Searching for inspiration, we reached back to our family experiences, associations and history of vine cultivation. This is how we came up with the combination of the Italian word "botti" and the English "bottle". The first word indicates the barrels in which the wine ages for years until it achieves a full flavor, color and bouquet. The second word – we associate with the bottles in which we enclose our exceptional and unique wines. Both words combined into one bring us closer to what wine production has been associated with for a long time – beauty, history, taste and patience. Without any of these elements, our brand would not exist. There would be no Bottica.

An elegant invitation to the world of nature

In each of our products there is a drop of wine – a drop of our passion and love for the vine. This is our special invitation to share the best with us. To be open-minded, natural and to take life by the handful. With the freshness and lightness of our cosmetics, we want to stimulate the senses as well as the imagination. And with short ingredient lists and the highest quality of ingredients, we hope to prove that simplicity does not have to be synonymous with boredom or giving up luxury.