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Smoof BALSAM Balance with papain and grape oil

Volume: 150ml
The action of papain in our balm is to gently exfoliate dead skin, revealing smooth and rejuvenated skin. This natural enzyme derived from papaya works like a magical elixir that removes impurities and unwanted cells, leaving the skin radiant and fresh. Additionally, papain has brightening properties that will help reduce skin discoloration for an even and illuminated tone. The macadamia oil contained in the balm has a unique ability to penetrate deep layers of the skin, stimulating skin microcirculation and significantly improving the functioning of the lymphatic system. Supports the fight against cellulite by reducing the orange peel effect. Grape oil makes the skin elastic and has an anti-cellulite effect, stimulating the process of deep regeneration of the epidermis. A complex of three active ingredients works on many levels. After use, the skin is smooth, elastic and naturally beautiful.
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