Resveratrol - what is it and what are its properties?

Called the elixir of longevity and youth, resveratrol is one of the more eagerly studied ingredients of plant origin with a protective effect. Thanks to it, the grapevine can live up to 120 years! It is therefore not surprising that the properties of resveratrol are successfully harnessed in cosmetics, medicine and pharmacy. So what makes this inconspicuous ingredient have a pro-health effect on our body and why do we value it so much?
Resweratrol - czym jest i jakie ma właściwości?

What is resveratrol?

Resveratrol is an organic compound from the polyphenols, which are antioxidants. It is produced by some plants (among others, it can be found in red grapes) in response to stressors found in their environment, such as excessive UV radiation, the presence of insects or the threat of a potential fungal infection. This gives it strong antioxidant properties, and it is therefore invaluable in the fight against external stressors. Scientists even indicate that resveratrol is one of the strongest polyphenols with an anti-aging effect, which is extremely important in the production of anti-aging cosmetics.

Properties of resveratrol

However, resveratrol not only slows down the processes responsible for skin aging, but also weakens the effects of free radicals. Thanks to the stimulation of cellular self-renewal, it also supports the regeneration of the skin and its restoration. Furthermore, it reduces inflammation in the body and supports blood circulation. Interestingly, research has also shown that resveratrol can be anti-atherosclerotic because it inhibits the build-up of cholesterol plaque.

How does resveratrol get into our cosmetics?

Usually, resveratrol is obtained from plants. One of the best sources of this antioxidant are black grapes or, to be more precise, their seeds and skin. This is a difficult and very long process. To ensure that we procure the best quality resveratrol, we extract it in our laboratory from the tissues of carefully selected grapes which grow in the family vineyard. Next, we purify it thoroughly. Only then do we add it to our extraordinary cosmetics.

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